Mission: to be of service to others. As simple as that!

Vision: to discover hidden potential and to be a bridge to a better world!

Recruitment Design is your business partner. We mainly support small and mid-size companies, without their HR teams, that need something more than traditional recruitment services.

We take excellent care to understand your business needs so that the recruitment process is effective like never before.

We spend long hours talking to our candidates to get to know them as well as we can. Then you hire the right culture fit and reduce or eliminate turnover.

Our sectors:

& Gas

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& Water

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& Chemical

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Why to choose Recruitment Design?

Intuition and empathy

Intuition and empathy plus practical thinking result in perfectly matching candidates to your company culture. We put our heart in everything we do!

Individual approach

The focus is on you!

Simple methodology

Recruitment Design sources and  recruits high-quality professionals all around the world.


You’ll save not only money but also your precious time!


We know how to attract the best engineering talent.

Have you ever wondered how it would feel:

  • to receive high-quality applications for your openings

  • to conduct a smooth recruitment process

  • to take the best possible care of your candidates and provide them with feedback in a timely manner

  • to have your candidates recommending your company to others and spreading the words how well they were taken care of by your company

  • to attract the best talent in the world

Then contact us to find your next great hire.        


Exclusive recruitment

Recruitment Design offers recruitment solutions for international engineering companies that need help with growing their teams. Working exclusively with us will mean that we can investigate what the attributes and skills of the ideal candidates would be. Genuinely understanding your business needs will help us to select the best fitting candidates for you.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO is a recruitment process strategy where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external recruitment company. Traditionally, RPO provides high-volume hiring for large organizations at a lower cost compared to other recruiting options. Recruitment Design offers a flexible strategic talent acquisition solution that can be adopted by small and medium-sized organizations.

Subscription model

This flexible cooperation model is dedicated to small companies that would like to get help with the candidate selection process. It will be ideal when you need help with a massive amount of applications that are waiting for review. Or, if you prefer to focus on your business and leave extensive phone or video interviews with professionals who will take the best care of your candidates.

Contact us to find your next great hire.           

Recruitment process:

Kickoff video meeting

We meet to discuss the profile of the candidates you are looking for, set common goals, define the challenges we will face, and specify in more detail the requirements and job description. We do our best to understand your company culture, structure, and needs. Recruitment Design gathers all possible information to provide you with candidates perfectly matching your requirements and complementing your team.

Recruitment strategy

After concluding the contract, we prepare the recruitment campaign using various channels. We prepare the job advertisement and create a plan for our activities not only to attract the best talent but also to promote your brand.

Selection processes

After carefully reviewing applications and talking to passive candidates, we present the best ones. Recruitment Design uses extensive phone or video interviews to match the best professionals to your company culture. At this stage we check:

✔ relevant experience and career path
✔ motivation
✔ formal details such as salary expectations, notice period, etc.
✔ any required certifications
✔ interpersonal skills
✔ we ask competency-based questions to verify relevant soft skills

Then we arrange meetings between you and the candidates. Upon demand, it is also possible that Recruitment Design supports you during next stages of the recruitment process.

We do take care of candidates’ experience from the first contact with the candidate, the content of the e-mails, first telephone conversations, the initial meetings. Every detail influences the candidate’s subconscious assessment of your company.

Offer stage

After we have carefully selected the successful candidate, Recruitment Design presents the employment offer on your behalf. We remain in constant contact with you and the candidate.

Then, congratulations!  You have just recruited a new team member!

Find the right talent with Recruitment Design.

Some examples of recruitment projects we have successfully completed:

Electrical Engineer
Piping Engineer
Automation Engineer
Instrumentation Engineer
PLC Programmer
PLC Technician
Cad Designer
Technical Safety Engineer
Site Manager GP&S

Project Sourcing Specialist 
Sourcing Leader For Engineered Systems
Projects Leader
Wind Commissioning Engineer
Account Manager
Project Coordinator
Wind Commissioning Lead Engineer
Installation Lead GP&S Wind


Mechanical Design Engineer
Structural Engineer
Reliability Engineer
Water Treatment Specialist
Product Manager
Field Service Engineer
Process Engineer
Controls Engineer
R&D Lead

We are a good fit if:

• you want to take the best possible care of your candidates.
• you value quality.
• you have similar values to ours, you want to make the world a better place! We regularly support charity organizations.

We may not meet your expectations if:

• you don’t have time to discuss the candidates’ profiles with us.
• excellent candidate experience is not that important for you.
• you’d like to work in a 100% success fee model.

Effective recruitment for your company.

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