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Welcome to Recruitment Design!


My name is Gosia Miela. I am the founder of Recruitment Design.

For the last seven years, I’ve been successfully working in the field of recruitment.

I helped to fuel the business growth of companies from the following sectors:

& Gas

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& Water

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& Chemical

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Exclusive recruitment

Recruitment Design offers recruitment solutions for international engineering companies that need help with growing their teams. Working exclusively with us will mean that we can investigate what the attributes and skills of the ideal candidates would be. Genuinely understanding your business needs will help us to select the best fitting candidates for you.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO is a recruitment process strategy where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external recruitment company. Traditionally, RPO provides high-volume hiring for large organizations at a lower cost compared to other recruiting options. Recruitment Design offers a flexible strategic talent acquisition solution that can be adopted by small and medium-sized organizations.

Subscription model

This flexible cooperation model is dedicated to small companies that would like to get help with the candidate selection process. It will be ideal when you need help with a massive amount of applications that are waiting for review. Or, if you prefer to focus on your business and leave extensive phone or video interviews with professionals who will take the best care of your candidates.

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How did Recruitment Design start?

I strongly believe in taking opportunities that come your way and expanding your boundaries and horizons, so I have lived outside of my homeland for a couple of years. I’ve been traveling the globe and working as a cabin crew.

I’ve enjoyed that beautiful journey but often asked myself what would be next. I was very impressed by how professionally the recruitment process ran at the last airline I was working for. It was an impulse that this might be my next career path. I started studying Business and HR Management at Oxford Brookes University.

It was very challenging to attend my online classes as I switched between continents time zones. I still remember participating in a group assignment just after finishing 16 hours LA – Dubai flight, with no sleep for 24 hours. 

From the time perspective, I can say that listening to my intuition and flowing that little spark was a great decision. I also learned to efficiently guide others towards their dream career paths based on my experiences. Recruitment enables me to use my talent for discovering others’ innate potentials (that they are often not aware of!),  accurate analysis of human behavior, empathy, insightfulness, creativity, and determination. I specialize in engineering recruitment, which I find fascinating. Every day, I learn something not only new about recruitment and HR but also about drilling platforms or wind farms.

After successfully working as an in-house and RPO recruiter, setting up my own company was a natural step to grow further.

Recruitment Design was created:

  • because recruitment is what I do best!

  • to grow and learn.

  • to make an impact on a larger scale. Globally.

  • to help others to develop by discovering their hidden talents.

Highlights of my career:

100% satisfaction from my candidates!

I received 100% satisfaction results from a survey conducted by one of my clients among candidates, both successful ones, and those who could not continue in the recruitment process. Providing the best experience for my candidates has always been a top priority for me. Treating everyone with due respect and providing prompt feedback and care at all stages of the recruitment process is crucial. The survey results made my day. I still feel this satisfaction and gratitude for candidates who trusted me.

Doubling the size of an organization within one year.

For one of my clients, my task was to hire 60 new engineers within one year. I was the only recruiter involved in each stage of the recruitment process, which means I took part in every meeting between the employer and the prospective candidate. Mission accomplished.

Perfectly matching candidates with the company culture.

Nothing makes me happier than a candidate ideally matched to company culture. When both parties are satisfied – a new employee can grow within a company and an organization that acquired new talent. My last year as an in-house recruiter was very fruitful in successful matches. 100% of my candidates successfully finished their probation periods and received positive or excellent feedback. Bringing diamonds on board, this is what keeps me going!

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